Open Pit & Vitalic Noise Present:

Elsewither AcademyString Formal

June 6 — 6PM ET

100% of proceeds benefit National Bail Funds Network

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An Ender the year Minecraft Prom featuring...

  • Helvetican
  • Xzavier Stone & Modulaw
  • Sega Bodega
  • Hannah Diamond
  • Little Boots
  • Pritty & Lunafreya
  • Bodyimage & Secret Guest
  • GRRL
  • Ayen & Funké
  • Papaya & Friends
  • Omniboi
  • Silver Sphere & LAN Party
  • Phoebe Bridgers
  • Brux & Ninajirachi
  • Miami Horror & Poolside
  • Bag Raiders

All times ET

Donations and VIP passes are available at

You can make donations here, as well as purchase VIP passes for yourself or friends.

A VIP pass gives you access to special VIP areas in-game, exclusive in-game merch, and access to the VIP areas in Discord, where you can chat with the artists and with us.

VIP passes are $5 USD. You can purchase a pass for yourself, and you can buy redeemable passes that you can give to others.

100% of proceeds from VIP sales and donations benefit National Bail Funds Network.

How to Attend

  • On the day of the event, audio and Twitch streams will be here on our site.

    They will be visible shortly before 6PM EDT.

  • Join in Minecraft at .

    Our servers will go up on the day of the event. You won’t be able to connect until then, and you will need to be running Java Edition 1.15.2.

    You will not be able to connect to our servers from game consoles, mobile devices, or any other Bedrock Edition client, (including Windows 10 Edition).

    We’d like to support more devices in the future, but unfortunately we currently can’t.

    • If you don’t own the game, you can buy and download Minecraft Java Edition.

      Be sure that you get Java Edition and not Bedrock Edition!

    • Once you’ve launched the game, click Multiplayer on the main menu.
    • Click Add Server and enter into the Server Address field.
    • Enable Server Resource Pack and click Done.
    • Double-click the server you’ve just added to join!
  • Use the hashtag #STRINGFORMAL on Twitter to share your experiences.
  • If you can’t join in-game, you can watch our Twitch stream.
  • Finally, Join our Discord to chat with the community!

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